My Favorite Activity… Happens in the Garden

Drenched in my own sweat, I watched my children as they roam around the garden. I could hear an ooh or an ahh occasionally. Mommy, there’s a caterpillar! Mommy, I see a wiggly worm! And before I could speak anything, one of them was already holding an insect or two. Amazed. Curious. Wondering. Ahh, let them satisfy […]


Talent, Dinosaurs, Google and Hermit Crabs

The brothers had a day out earlier. Well. After their mom realized that another hour of staying at home would soon blow her mind off. It was a hectic day. Full of unticked to-dos, which was really quite overwhelming when you have a toddler. Whoever said about the terrible twos is wrong, at least for […]

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A Story Told by No One Else

Yup. I’m changing my blog name, and I’m announcing. As if anyone cares. I started the blog to document my farm life when we moved there. Though I planned to be as diligent in writing about farming and gardening as possible, God has had different plans for me, for us. You see, we’re still in […]


How Life Looks Now

Today is much better than the past days. Probably because I feel a lot closer to God today than in the days before. Or even in the months past. Or than in the previous years of my life. I guess that’s how powerful it is to start your day with a prayer and digesting His […]

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Can Strawberries Grow in Hinoba-an?

I don’t know about you but I grew up thinking strawberries only grow in places with cold weather, which means the highlands here in the Philippines.  Thus, having lived in this side of the country, where the temperature can reach as high as 35 degrees Celsius in the summer months, strawberry is a high-priced commodity […]

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At Camaya-an Paradise Beach Resort, Bayawan City

A serene atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of my ordinary life. This is Camaya-an Paradise Beach Resort, a perfect place for someone who craves for silence and time for reflection. However, I went there together with some company. Oh well, it made the whole experience so much better! Of course, this bunch are […]


Realizations on My 30th Birthday

I’m always grateful that I was born in December–just close to New Year. My birthday and the start of the new year signify a new beginning for me. It gives me hope–a chance–to change for the better and aim for the best and for what truly matters in life. When I was a little girl, […]

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Goodnight for now, Farmer. — An Ode

Be at peace, Tatay, for I am proud to be a farmer’s granddaughter, In my veins run the blood of a reputable man who tilled the soil, A man who served his fellow and a man who was our hero. If only we could give you more hugs and care, to erase all the sorrow […]

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Noela Borja–The Face of Urban Gardening in Bacolod

A few minutes past 7 am, I finally reached my destination: a small, concrete house beside a foot walk in Alunan. In front of the house is a trellis where a grapevine spreads in abundance. At the back, the Lupit River. The surrounding houses are almost similar with it but this house stands out because […]


Friendship Goals Met at Quino’s Cafe, Bacolod

Quino’s Cafe is one cozy place to meet good old friends and munch over great-tasting desserts Since I moved to the rural and my college friends worked out of the country or got hooked with family life, we only meet once in a blue moon, as in. We met last weekend after 9 years! But […]

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