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December 2017

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Realizations on My 30th Birthday

I’m always grateful that I was born in December–just close to New Year. My birthday and the start of the new year signify a new beginning for me. It gives me hope–a chance–to change for the better and aim for the best and for what truly matters in life. When I was a little girl, 30-ish people seemed to be too old or too mature. Now that I’m 30, I don’t feel either too old or too mature. Anyhow, 30 comes with realizations that I’m simply glad  ...

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Goodnight for now, Farmer. — An Ode

Be at peace, Tatay, for I am proud to be a farmer’s granddaughter, In my veins run the blood of a reputable man who tilled the soil, A man who served his fellow and a man who was our hero. If only we could give you more hugs and care, to erase all the sorrow Alzheimer’s and old age brought to you. If only you could stay longer– Oh, what a selfish thought! Because though your passing left our hearts hollow, it only meant that you’re free at last. Rest now, Tatay, for  ...

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Noela Borja–The Face of Urban Gardening in Bacolod

A few minutes past 7 am, I finally reached my destination: a small, concrete house beside a foot walk in Alunan. In front of the house is a trellis where a grapevine spreads in abundance. At the back, the Lupit River. The surrounding houses are almost similar with it but this house stands out because of the grapevine and seedlings at its front. This is the place of Ms. Noela Borja, the founder/admin of Seeds Have to Grow, a Facebook group page that joins gardeners, farmers and growers,  ...

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