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February 2018


A Story Told by No One Else

Yup. I’m changing my blog name, and I’m announcing. As if anyone cares. I started the blog to document my farm life when we moved there. Though I planned to be as diligent in writing about farming and gardening as possible, God has had different plans for me, for us. You see, we’re still in this maze that sometimes make my heart stop or my eyes shed more tears than I thought. But the beauty in this maze we’re in is the experience itself that has made us cry to God,  ...

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How Life Looks Now

Today is much better than the past days. Probably because I feel a lot closer to God today than in the days before. Or even in the months past. Or than in the previous years of my life. I guess that’s how powerful it is to start your day with a prayer and digesting His Word, and I had not done it in ages until this morning. Uhm, prayer very often, but reading His Word, seldom. This is the very thing that changed in me over the months that my family and I are in a roller-coaster ride,  ...

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