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March 2018


My Favorite Activity… Happens in the Garden

Drenched in my own sweat, I watched my children as they roam around the garden. I could hear an ooh or an ahh occasionally. Mommy, there’s a caterpillar! Mommy, I see a wiggly worm! And before I could speak anything, one of them was already holding an insect or two. Amazed. Curious. Wondering. Ahh, let them satisfy their hunger for learning. I remind myself, just like I always did. I continued to put my very own soil mixture to each of the 30 plastic pots I bought that morning. Some  ...

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Talent, Dinosaurs, Google and Hermit Crabs

The brothers had a day out earlier. Well. After their mom realized that another hour of staying at home would soon blow her mind off. It was a hectic day. Full of unticked to-dos, which was really quite overwhelming when you have a toddler. Whoever said about the terrible twos is wrong, at least for me, at this time of our life. ‘Cause my three-year-old is more terrible than when he’s two. No, mommy’s not complaining. I’m just tired. I still love that little tot who  ...

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