A Story Told by No One Else

Yup. I’m changing my blog name, and I’m announcing. As if anyone cares.

I started the blog to document my farm life when we moved there. Though I planned to be as diligent in writing about farming and gardening as possible, God has had different plans for me, for us.

You see, we’re still in this maze that sometimes make my heart stop or my eyes shed more tears than I thought. But the beauty in this maze we’re in is the experience itself that has made us cry to God, literally, and joined our hands together in prayer–and realizing that He indeed answers prayers. The to and fro travels that paved the way to meeting people who somehow made a dent in our lives, either by their words of comfort or their acts of kindness. And the realization of our priorities, of what truly matters, and of living a life that counts.

Yes, this maze or this roller-coaster ride we’re on has brought us to greater lengths of faith, full of lessons and stories. And I’m gonna write them all.

In light of that, I am signing off as The Modern Farm Mama, ’cause I no longer represent it. Though I know I would miss the name.

I’m bidding a dream goodbye. The dream of a thriving farm and garden blog.

In exchange, I will write my stories to my heart’s desire to how I want to tell them. I will write so I can savor every moment of my story. I will write and make this cyber space my breather. I will write a story told by no one else.

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