Hi there! I’m Kristine, a mom of two young boys whom I love the most, a nurse by profession turned online freelancer, and lover of fresh produce.

The Modern Farm Mama was conceptualized out of my desire to dedicate a year of my life to simple farming or homesteading. In this digital age, I often wonder how it would feel like to change our lifestyle to the way our grandparents had. I am always in awe thinking how they manage to maintain a farm and leave us lots of fruit trees until today. Well, they must have loved the earth that much! And the earth loved them back that it has given them bounty, even now, that Nanay’s gone and Tatay’s ill. They sure have made a food haven in this place we have so fondly called “uma” (Hiligaynon of farm).

Join me as me and my family venture into the world of raising hogs, feeding chickens, planting our own crops and living a new life! 🙂

Drop me a line at krisgavilano(at)gmail(dot) for any concern, suggestion, or collab work. 🙂