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Friendship Goals Met at Quino’s Cafe, Bacolod

Quino’s Cafe is one cozy place to meet good old friends and munch over great-tasting desserts Since I moved to the rural and my college friends worked out of the country or got hooked with family life, we only meet once in a blue moon, as in. We met last weekend after 9 years! But the thrill of seeing them and the almost endless chitchat and giggles, it feels nothing has changed. #friendshipgoals First, Madam Dani met me at the clinic of my son’s ortho, and later we met Eds at  ...

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Food, Kitchen Experiment

Homemade Healthy Fish Balls

Fish balls are one of the most loved street food in the Philippines. Made from fish meat and other additional ingredients, fish balls or fishballs render a nice treat to the taste buds and a fix to a hungry tummy for a cheap price. Locally in Hinoba-an, we have vendors of commercially made fish balls and its other versions, of which the most common brand is that of JnC. There are also vendors who opt to make their own homemade fishballs, sold for P1 each. Our kids had been requesting to eat  ...

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