My Favorite Activity… Happens in the Garden

Drenched in my own sweat, I watched my children as they roam around the garden. I could hear an ooh or an ahh occasionally.

Mommy, there’s a caterpillar!

Mommy, I see a wiggly worm!

And before I could speak anything, one of them was already holding an insect or two. Amazed. Curious. Wondering.

Ahh, let them satisfy their hunger for learning. I remind myself, just like I always did.

I continued to put my very own soil mixture to each of the 30 plastic pots I bought that morning. Some rice hull, compost, and river sand. Perfect for my cacti and succulents. I’m glad I already had the trowel and gloves. They make my life a little more easier.

After finishing all 30, I took off the gloves and started potting the succulents delivered a week ago from Benguet. Now with my bare hands–yes, my dirty hands, I feel the earth–rough yet calming whatever turmoil that lies within.

Gosh! They’re beautiful! I could hear my very thought spoken.

Wow! The kids exclaimed. Suddenly, I feel my heart swell with pride. My kids see the beauty in my plants. It’s just perfect for me, as a mother and a gardener.

#OPPOF5 #CaptureTheRealYou

I looked around and just breathed, taking in the positive energy of the moment. Savoring. I opened my eyes again.

The mulberries in the corner look promising. I bet my younger son, Liam, would be happy in a few days time. The pinkish berries will soon be black and if we pick them before the birds do, it will be feast day for the little boy.

There, the three grapevines planted in the big containers. I pruned them a week ago. Do they need more pruning? Only one of them gave out berries, and very few. I wish I could be better in tending them.

Pruning the grapevines. This is what makes me me! #OPPOF5 #CaptureTheRealYou

Mommy, Liam lost the caterpillar!

The little boy is whining. I’m back at the moment.

Where did you put the caterpillar, Liam?

Liam pointed somewhere on the ground.

Kuya, you can look over there. Try to find the caterpillar and put it back on a leaf, okay? No more playing of that thing. Let it live and it will soon become a butterfly.

I got a nod.

I laid my eyes on the not-so-distant from me.

The dragon fruits. I wish they’ll give me bigger fruits this season. Ooh, a wish is not the secret to a great harvest. I have to do my part.

The strawberries too need more nutrients to make their fruits a little bigger. Potassium? Calcium? I have to read more about them.

I looked back to my cacti and succulents, to my dirty hands, and to the little kids playing around, still figuring out where the poor caterpillar is. This is simply beautiful.

And I’m sure this will always be my favorite activity.

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