Growing Boys - Our Homeschool Journey

Our Homeschool Mission and Vision

Our Story: Why We Decided to Homeschool

Since my eldest son was still a baby I was already contemplating on homeschooling him. I would read blogs about how wonderful homeschooling is and I was totally drawn to it. However, the idea of homeschooling was and is unconventional and pushing to do it, I thought, would never work. When he reached 3, I enrolled him to a barangay day care center. He progressed to Kinder 1 and then Preschool at the age of 5.

It was the couple of months before he became Grade 1 that I started to seriously consider homeschooling him. I do love school, but I was scared for him seeing that the lessons were far too advanced for his understanding. He was, at one point, on the verge of crying when he didn’t know what were the answers to the test. And it happened even though we reviewed his lessons. I disliked the scene. I dislike the scene of my 5-year-old having to go through so much pressure on the tests, when he should just be enjoying learning.

How I Became a Monster Teacher

I was happy Mark and I were on the same side regarding this. Well, I had to fight for what I believed was the right thing to do, and Mark saw that.

I started reading more on Filipino homeschool blogs and bought textbooks for Grade 1 as I saw on those blogs. I was also torn between enrolling Kristoff to a homeschool provider and doing it independently. Money was an issue at the start of the school year so we decided to go independent. I started teaching him the way I know how basing on the way I learn, so old school– including lots of work sheets and memorization, which was not really effective on us and is pretty much the same with conventional school.  I became the dreaded monster mom.

Our homeschooling was not a happy experience. Kristoff took a lot of pressure, this time, from his teacher mommy. It’s heartbreaking.

Through the group page Homeschooling of the Philippines, I met Azenith Jacalan of The Living Pupil, who is now my dear mentor. Nang Zen has been a homeschooler for 5 years and she has shared with me very valuable advices to carry on our homeschooling journey.

September came and I felt the need to really enroll Kristoff to a homeschool provider so that we would not be bothered anymore with the PEPT if Kristoff wants to go back to trad school.

Yes, we are newbie homeschoolers who have failed many times. But I am glad we did, because failure is essential to growth. I started off as someone who just liked homeschooling and thought this is the better path to free my son from the pressure of school. But then, since the the time we started, homeschooling has become more than that to us. It has become a way for me to know more about my son, how he learns, and what are his passions, and to learn more of my capability to hone these things in him.

Creating Our Homeschool Mission and Vision

Not so long ago, Kristoff wanted to meet his old friend from school ’cause he said he missed him and his other classmates. So I arranged a playdate. The kids were very happy, and I realized he’s missing all these stuff with his friends because he’s not going to school with them. I was at a crossroad again: to send him back or not. Nang Zen urged me to pray for it and make our mission and vision. All this time, this is what we’ve been missing.

It’s true, and it should have been the very first things we did before we embarked on this journey. To pray and create our very own homeschool mission and vision. ‘Cause this will be our guide on what we teach our kids and how we do it.

Understanding our “why” makes a difference especially during days when your friends and relatives bog you to enroll your kids to trad school, lifts you up during hard and slow days, and helps you to not compare your lesson plan or your son’s pacing to others because yours are specifically made to meet your own family’s mission and vision.

I’m sharing with you now, our Mission:

The Gavilano Family Homeschool seeks to nurture our children’s God-given talents and passion, hone in them a Godly character that will arm them to face life challenges and to make better decisions, and help them become life-long learners always seeking God’s will in their lives.

Our Vision:

A family that enjoys learning, honoring God and helping others.

Your purpose. Your why. Will. Get. You. Going.

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