Interesting Uses of Rice Hull at Home and in the Garden

A vivid memory of my elementary years was the time my classmates and I used to get rice hull from a nearby rice mill. We grouped ourselves by twos and each of the pair would hold each of the ends of the sack that contained rice hull and we would put them in our “green […]

Farming Gardening Materials

Homemade Healthy Fish Balls

Fish balls are one of the most loved street food in the Philippines. Made from fish meat and other additional ingredients, fish balls or fishballs render a nice treat to the taste buds and a fix to a hungry tummy for a cheap price. Locally in Hinoba-an, we have vendors of commercially made fish balls […]

Food Kitchen Experiment

When It’s Hard to Give

The past weeks have been a roller-coaster ride for us. My eldest son fell off the bed and sustained a fracture in his right humerus. It was a real nightmare for a mom to see her son in excruciating pain. It was nothing but heartbreaking. Through those trying times, I can’t remember an hour without […]

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