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Friendship Goals Met at Quino’s Cafe, Bacolod

Quino’s Cafe is one cozy place to meet good old friends and munch over great-tasting desserts

Since I moved to the rural and my college friends worked out of the country or got hooked with family life, we only meet once in a blue moon, as in. We met last weekend after 9 years! But the thrill of seeing them and the almost endless chitchat and giggles, it feels nothing has changed. #friendshipgoals

First, Madam Dani met me at the clinic of my son’s ortho, and later we met Eds at SM. It was Kristoff’s schedule for the removal of his pins so my time with them was only limited. Bonding with friends, though, is not complete without food. We chose to pick a cafe nearby The Doctors’ Hospital – Bacolod so it would be easy for Kristoff and I to go to the hospital.

Quino’s Cafe was the random choice of Dani, but this cozy place turned out to be perfect for us. Quino’s Cafe is a dessert shop located at D’Northway Bldg. along B.S. Aquino Drive, and being the dessert shop that it is, it offers a variety of mouth-watering desserts that can capture the sweet tooth in anyone.

Chocolate Caramel Cheesecake


Blueberry Cheesecake

I tasted both of these two flavors of cheesecakes and both were really yummy. The cheesecake itself tastes the same with other cheesecakes I tasted but the caramel and chocolate drippings make that version stand out. I prefer it over the blueberry.

This is puffyani–my first to encounter. We ordered them for Kristoff but he only ate them after he recovered from sedation at his hospital room. Puffyani has a filling inside that I think is thick custard. The chocolate, the puff pastry (correct me if I’m wrong here), and the custard all blend in well to give a rich-flavor dessert.


Aside from desserts, Quino’s Cafe menu also has pasta, nachos and burgers.

Nachos for Php125

The nachos is already good for a group of three.

Pasta Bolognese at Php125

The pasta bolognese were Eds’ and Dani’s orders. Mine was cheese burger which costs Php145, but I took them out because I was running out of time for Kristoff’s OR schedule. I didn’t even have a photo of it.

For me, Quino’s Cafe is a great place for friends who have a lot of catching up to do. It’s also nice for some me-time when you want to just do your journal or simply be alone. Well, I just know in myself that this place is perfect for that. It’s easy for me to imagine myself alone. With dates? I think this is perfect too. Though the place is small, the ambiance is lovely.

With their food, I love their nachos but their cheese burger for me was only so-so. The pasta bolognese, which I tasted from Eds, is simply good. The dessert, well, they’re superb!

The waiter who served us was pleasing and accommodating. That’s a plus! 🙂

PS: Thank you, Eds, for the treat!



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