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Realizations on My 30th Birthday

I’m always grateful that I was born in December–just close to New Year. My birthday and the start of the new year signify a new beginning for me. It gives me hope–a chance–to change for the better and aim for the best and for what truly matters in life.

When I was a little girl, 30-ish people seemed to be too old or too mature. Now that I’m 30, I don’t feel either too old or too mature. Anyhow, 30 comes with realizations that I’m simply glad I’ve had recently.

First, I feel blessed because of my family.

Sure thing we’re not a perfect family. We only make do with our own weaknesses and strengths, and I’m constantly praying for us to be more patient, understanding and loving with each other. But despite our imperfection, I’m still blessed to have my parents, my siblings, my husband and our kids in the family.

Posing with the Christmas carol-ers. 🙂

When we lost Tatay just recently, I realized this even more. My heart is full of gratitude that until today, I can hug, kiss and show these people that I love them.

Second, I’m blessed because of life itself.

Looking back at the loss of my four grandparents and seeing one of them die in front of me, I’ve come to deeply understand and somehow accept death–that no one, ever, can escape it. Because of that, I promised myself to live more, love better, choose to be happy and always be prepared for that day I have to leave my physical body and face my Creator.

Third, I’m happy and comfortable being an INFJ (an initialism for Introversion, Intuition, Feeling and Judgement).

Read more about this personality type here.

I learned not to hate myself for my introversion but use it instead to my sanity. Every time I ride at Papa’s motorcycle, I would often close my eyes and feel the wind and say a prayer in my mind, thanking God for the life I have now. I feel inner peace, contentment and appreciation after that. That’s how I recharge and become better. Whenever trouble comes up, doing so keeps me above the challenge and I see the bigger picture. Whenever we pass by the beach on a beautiful sunset or a scenic view of the mountains and the sky, I do stand in awe of God because of these things.

I am an INFJ, and I love it.

Fourth, a journey that I like to take this year is the journey towards self-love and loving others.

A mentor back in college inspires me now to take this self-love journey. I want to love myself too. If I can pamper other people, then I can do that to myself as well. 🙂

Once I know how to love myself, maybe, too, I would know how to rightfully love others.

Read the 7 Ways to Start Your Journey Toward Self-Love. Isn’t it inspiring?

Fifth, I want to prosper not by adding more to what we have but to cultivate what we already have: our jobs, our little business and farm, our church, our simple life.

My husband might have other plans and I’m okay to his leading, but I’m here to tell him not to pursue any of those. Haha! Kidding aside, I’m here to help him evaluate things to know the best steps.

Sixth, I have to continue my life insurance plan in SunLife.

I know that it is very important especially when the inevitable happens to me and it is also an investment for our future. I failed to pay a quarter because of Kristoff’s accident, but we’re recovering and I need to continue with it.

Seventh, my kids are growing up fast and I need to make life slow.

No, I don’t want to stunt their growth. 😀 I want for us to always spend more moments together, experience new things together, learn together… and take better pictures. For everything will be merely a memory soon. I would always treasure this time when they still love cuddles and kisses and don’t want to leave mom!

This is also one of the reasons why we’re homeschooling, and as I am slowly learning how to do it better, I’m planning to continue it next school year. However, my husband and Kristoff himself would share the decision–so for now, I need more time to pray for this, and yes, just take it slowly.







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  1. Sarah

    January 13, 2018 at 6:41 am

    Welcome to the 30s! You are indeed blessed. There’s still a long way to go but always remember to take it slow and enjoy life as much as you can. 🙂

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