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Talent, Dinosaurs, Google and Hermit Crabs

The brothers had a day out earlier. Well. After their mom realized that another hour of staying at home would soon blow her mind off.

It was a hectic day. Full of unticked to-dos, which was really quite overwhelming when you have a toddler. Whoever said about the terrible twos is wrong, at least for me, at this time of our life. ‘Cause my three-year-old is more terrible than when he’s two. No, mommy’s not complaining. I’m just tired. I still love that little tot who could be the sweetest to me.

The little boy is a charmer. Witty, I must say. And full of techniques to make you smile at him.


He’s strong-willed, something that is so opposite from me. Unlike his older brother, who got most of his personality from me, minus the talent.

And speaking of talent, I couldn’t be more proud than today when Kristoff showed me his dinosaur drawing. He followed a YouTube instruction on how to draw these dinos.

Just a month ago, he would always complain that he could never draw. He was heartbroken. Every time he saw something that caught his interest and wanted to draw it, he would just ask me to draw it for him because he just couldn’t do it.

I told him that even the great artists started from nothing. They all went through a phase of mistakes, but they kept on going and eventually, they mastered their craft.

My piece of advice was never like magic. I kept telling him about that every time he almost lost hope. Then I began to see his determination and I just let him do what he wanted–to draw and draw and draw again. He had ample time for drawing because I got lost in my homeschooling schedule for the nth time because of our travels to Bacolod for his and Liam’s medical treatments. Because I have lots of catching up to do with my online job, I let him do his own stuff. It was kind of unintentional inerest-led learning.

The result is him mastering how to control his hand in drawing and following instructions in Youtube.


He wasted a lot of bond paper, but I doubt now if they were really a waste, seeing the weeks of his practice resulted to him almost mastering the art of drawing, at his level.

More than anything else, I see him beaming with a sense of fulfillment knowing that he’s now able to do something that he couldn’t do before. We always thank God for giving him such talent and perseverance to develop the skill, reminding him where his talent is from and to use this to help other people.

He believes he already has two talents now: one is drawing and the other is cutting out these drawings for him and his brother to play with. 😀

One time, he asked me.

Mommy what’s your talent?

My talent is loving you and Liam.

Awww (sad face), wala ka gali talent? (You don’t have a talent, do you?)

I couldn’t help but smile. Well, I have a secret talent and I won’t tell anyone. It’s easy to guess, though. It’s one of those talents you write in an autograph during the elementary days, if you have the same experience.

Now. I’m wondering what would I do without Google. A day won’t pass by without it being mentioned in the house. Every time he has a question thrown at me and look at my quizzical face, he would suggest to research on Google. I owe it to Google on how an iguanodon looks like, if the hedgehog’s spike’s hurt, the different kinds of apes and anything else that concerns the young zoologist in him.

So, thank you, Google, and this era we are in. We must take advantage of the digital age. But I also promise Kristoff to get back on track with our homeschooling schedule and take lessons from his Apobutlogia book on land animals.

In an attempt to be right on track with our homeschooling schedule and another attempt to de-stress, I decided late in the afternoon to bring our lessons to a local restaurant near the sea shore. But studying the books came very challenging as distractions were everywhere plus the enticing sand at the shore promising to house a bounty of hermit crabs. Yes! Because hermit crabs. You don’t know how much they like them.

What can I do? Of course, let them be. Let them enjoy watching it. Keep the books in the bag and let them appreciate the beauty of nature around them. Let them satisfy their eyes and their curiosity. Give them the hermit crabs.




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